A downloadable game


Explore the underground city's depths, delve into a grave of secrets...

Fend off the city's fiendish former inhabitants...

Uncover the depth's transcendental mysteries...

For what? What sleeps at the descent's deepest frontier?


Z - Attack / Menu Accept

X - Use Item

Q - Cycle Through Items

M - View Map

I - View Inventory


-Art, Design, Programming - 

Freddie the Potato

-"Demon's From The Dark" Music Track - 

Alex Roe


 Descent falls a little short of my creative vision. Continued development is uncertain. 

However, I feel that the time and passion that I've invested into this project warrants a release rather than a scrap. 


Windows 7 or better

Please report bugs via twitter message: https://twitter.com/FreddiePotato


Descent.exe 55 MB


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will there be a mac port at some point?

cool game. Just was a bit confused after, at the crossway, I took the left path and the game was over...
Maybe taking to right one would have lead to more stuff?

But I am just too  lazy to replay everything just to get there again...

this is a great game, you should definitely finish.

100% Everything done! Woo~! and best of all, ZERO DEATHS. [/Pewds Would be proud]

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Wow, thank you so much for your interest in Descent and for taking the time to find all of the secrets. I also greatly appreciate the feedback.

Made a video - 

Excited, got 100% and ZERO DEATHS- Will share the video and upload my gameplay in time :D Had fun, feedback will be within.

Woah nice. I'm excited to see the video :)

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Oh I see what you did in terms of the Metroid-'reference' in the tags :^) Clever. I'll be sure to go for 100% since I saw a map DOES exist xD Spent a lot of time being confused and thinking there was no map and I had to memorize everything in my head, so I was originally troubled by the idea of being lost and being unsure where I haven't gone yet. As for my thoughts? Very tight gameplay, very fun, Jumping perhaps could use some tweaking? Feels a bit gimped unless intentional so you don't feel too powerful via Jump mechanics.

Really enjoyed what you had going here, a good mix of Souls and Metroidvania styles and an interesting story. Not sure If I could 100% get behind the block characters but it is at least quirky :)


Very nicely done, great work. Looking forward to seeing more.

really like this game hope you will keep working on it here is my playthrough 

Thank you for playing Descent. That's an interesting error you're getting. I'm not  sure of the exact   cause, but it may be that Descent is incompatible with your device/operating system. I'll look into it and see if I can find a workaround.

Thank you again.

welcome freddie nice game really like the environment and the mechanics of it

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Woah, thank you for doing such a thorough playthrough. Nice work on finding the Watcher; that item was especially well hidden.

Pretty neat. I like the atmosphere and the controls and such seem good.

I know you aren't planning on further development so I won't go too far into it but I did get one major bug (or i didn't understand what was happening).

If I died during during the "gauntlet" of enemies along the bottom of the map, it would take me to a save point I had never been to. Actually I had never found a save point which maybe is the problem.

I didn't get very far but I did make a video:

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Thank you so much for for playing Descent. 

What you have discovered is not a bug, but is intentional. That gauntlet area is intended to serve as the player's first death. They will then need to explore, discover items and acquire upgrades, eventually returning to the gauntlet and overcoming it with a more powerful character. 

Thank you for taking an interest and for making a video! I really appreciate it.